Online Giving Through Presbyterian Foundation

Steps for the Congregation
(Downloadable/printable instructions/illustrations for using the Online Giving feature)

1. Go to (the church’ website)
2. Click on “GIVE NOW” button (above)
3. Under DONATIONS …
     a. Enter amount to give
     b. Enter frequency (one time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
     c. Enter donation start date
     d. Press CONTINUE
4. Enter all personal information asked for (name, address, contact info)
5. Choose payment method
     a. Checking/Savings, you will need: ABA (routing #) and Account Number
     b. Credit Card: you will need card number, CVV, expiration date, billing address
6. Under NOTES: note Donation Type, just as you would in the “memo” field of a check (pledge, loose, etc).
7. If you want to save your profile, do so by clicking “select password” under the NOTES
9. An email will be sent with donation confirmation.